Learn How to Build Blocks.

Learning how to build Gutenberg blocks from scratch for the new WordPress block editor is hard. I’ll make it easy-er.

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In-depth courses that make it easy-er to learn how to build Gutenberg blocks from scratch.


What People are Saying

Interesting… this open new horizons in WordPress development… and it will make you switch to modern Javascript development (ES6 and React)… That also shows in a certain way that Gutenberg is not “Hell in WordPress”, otherwise it opens new perspectives for the future of WordPress.

Gibaudan Lionel

I was able to learn how to set up the Gutenberg blocks effectively for WordPress. The technical walk-through was very clear & helpful. Lee is a great teacher – super engaging! I can’t wait to see more courses from him.

Micah Cohen

This course was really helpful to get a basic to intermediate understanding of Gutenberg Blocks, as a bonus Lee does a great job at helping you get better acquainted with the command line, React, NPM and Webpack. There were one or two instances where the code was out of date and doesn’t use certain packages the way Lee was using them, but a quick google of the error will help you find the correct method. Enjoy 🙂

Lyle Kirby

Best Gutenberg block creation course I’ve found. Lee walks you through using NPM and Webpack – setting up a variety of plugins in a very straight forward and easy to use language. The only downside is that some of the code is not compatible with Gutenberg since it was incorporated into WordPress core. Ten minutes research will get you out of trouble and will help you understand how it all works together even better. I will be keeping an eye out for Lee’s advanced block creation course!

Denis Hogan

Lee was incredibly responsive when I ran into issues. Even though these processes are somewhat new to me as a frontend developer stuck in old workflows (little command line or npm experience), it is just the right level for me to start wrapping my head around concepts. I’ve been able to successfully create some blocks, and will go back and redo a few sections to try to understand some of the stuff at a deeper level, which will require some digging. So far, very happy with the course! I don’t see any SASS integration in this course, which is ok, because I think Lee has given me the know-how to get it up and running.

Brad Harris

Good introduction to the topic. Even React knowledge will not be needed. It would be nice to update it for WP5.0 and newer node modules versions (following instructions 1 to 1 will not work, now). There are some small mistakes (ex. strange habit of defining node modules, that are already in package.json), but they do not interfere with learning. All in all, It’s quite good beginner course with learning-thru-example approach.

Stanislaw Gruszcynski

Great that not only there were demo examples of how to build blocks in a development environment but also how to make the architecture scalable and how to put everything in production mode. Great!

Toms Grinbergs

Great course. Already built a few new blocks. I can’t wait to learn more from Lee in the future.

Anthony Camacho

This course is exactly as advertised in Lee’s the intro video. If you enjoy learning by jumping right in and building something rather than a lot of theory, this is probably a good course for you. And if you choose to learn more theory later, it will probably make more sense because you’ve already seen it in action. Lee is very honest about what he knows and how he got to that point, so this course feels more like a friend walking you things they’ve learned rather than attending a lecture. I can’t speak for best practices because I’m just getting started, but I think this is a good jumping off point to get your feet wet with Gutenberg blocks.

Brian Steele

So far the course is going well. The instructions are clear and the topics relevant.

Stuart Campbell

Hi, I’m Lee

I’ve been designing and coding websites for the past 10 years. I am OBSESSED with building blocks. They offer the perfect canvas for constraint and creativity. Every block we’ll build in my courses solves a unique problem and presents a new challenge and opportunity to learn.

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